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Craig Malcolm

Mobile: 07801 825918

The part of my job I like best is when I am able to help people achieve their goals, for example, assisting them with mortgage planning for their new home or simply helping to secure a lower lending rate for a client who wants to review their mortgage plans to obtain a better deal.

Craig entered financial services in 1988 and had an agency with the Co-operative Insurance Society in the Lanarkshire area before moving on to become an Financial Adviser in 1999. He provides advice covering a wide range of financial products including, life assurance, critical illness cover, income protection and mortgages.

Derek Wood

Mobile: 07714 223596

I believe that obtaining qualified unbiased guidance on financial matters is the most responsible way for individuals to look after themselves, their families and their futures in good times and the bad. It is important for a client to feel that their adviser can be contacted for an informal discussion about future plans or concerns without being asked to pay for this benefit. During difficult times I believe people want a trusted advisory service.

Derek entered financial services in 1987. He worked as a manager for Prudential Assurance for over 14 years and was responsible for a team of consultants providing a home advisory service for thousands of clients in Glasgow and surrounding areas, before becoming a Financial Adviser in 2001.